Kiwi Browser And Samsung Working To Bring Extensions Support To Chromium For Android

Right now, the only way to Utilize Chrome extensions on Android is to use Another browser Such as Kiwi Browser, Which is based on precisely the same Chromium browser engine. The developer responsible for Kiwi Browser is working with Google and Samsung to deliver Kiwi’s extensions support”upstream” into Chromium for other Chromium-based browsers to use openly.

Last year, Kiwi Browser launched support for full Chrome extensions and was the first Chromium-based browser on Android to accomplish this, followed by Yandex Browser. Last month, Kiwi Browser became an open-source project, letting other programmers see and use the essential code to get extensions working.

As noted on Twitter from Dinsan Francis of Chrome Story, An effort has begun to bring an important portion of the work to encourage extensions on Android back”upstream” into Chromium. When effective Android browsers based on Chromium — like Microsoft Edge, Samsung Internet, and of course Google Chrome — will be able to begin to encourage extensions.

As an important aspect, these browsers could have the option To confirm extensions. Google Chrome for Android will not necessarily be gaining support for extensions unless Google has a change of heart.

The job is summarized in a new dilemma From the Chromium Bug Tracker, in Arnaud Granal explains that Google uses code that singles out Android instead of simply checking whether or not that building is intended to support extensions. Every instance of code like this makes it harder for programmers of apps like Kiwi Browser and Yandex Browser to stay in line.

Things seem pretty cut and dry, with Arnaud of all Kiwi Browser offering to donate his work to the benefit of members and others of the Chromium team expressing a willingness to accept such code onto a case-by-case basis.

But things get somewhat more interesting, as the first code change related to extensions support on Android has been uploaded yesterday. While nothing is odd about the code itself, we can see that the change was uploaded by a developer with an @samsung. com email address.

Why Samsung is concerned with this process we can not say for certain, but there is an interesting line in the bug tracker description which may provide an explanation. Inside, the Kiwi Browser developer mentions there are”at least 3″ companies working on their own variant of Kiwi, today it is now open source and free to change.

From this evidence, we think it possible that Samsung Could be rebuilding their Samsung Internet browser for Android to be Based on Kiwi Browser, and service for Chrome, with this shift extensions. But, it’s far too soon to say with any certainty. All we know for sure is that this Samsung programmer is currently helping To deliver the extensions of Kiwi support to the rest of Chromium.

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