Intel Xe DG1 Graphics Card 3DMark Leak Again Suggests AMD And Nvidia Won’t Be Troubled

Intel’s Xe DG1 graphics card Has been seen in a benchmark, or the rumor mill considers that outcome is for Intel’s first crack in a GPU.

As We should not read too much into this that it is only speculation even though the origin is the one this can be DG1.

But if the flow is on the cash, keep in mind this is an sample GPU and will not reflect the functionality Intel may achieve together with the item.

At any speed, the graphics cards that were supposed scored 5,538 in 3DMark’s Fire Attack test (paired with an Intel Core i9-9900K chip ) and struck a graphics rating of 5,960.

That is not a hugely As we mentioned, although outcome, it has to be treated with care. It is in the ballpark of a graphics card as outdated as the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, albeit somewhat faster compared to the veteran GPU (which scored 5,402 for images in a 3DMark effect highlighted on Twitter).

No cause for concern?

Anyhow, you get the idea — and like a Prior Geekbench outcome, which revealed the DG1 wasn’t much greater than Nvidia’s non invasive MX250, The vibe much is that any sleepless nights, the first product of Intel isn’t likely to be inducing Nvidia or AMD.

That Said this new leak indicates the Intel GPU by about a third regarding that reality is scored in by images.

Further recall Intel’s first GPU is Very Likely to be a analyzing the waters Affair, as we heard through the rumor mill, it is likely to Be a part that is portable — in other words, a graphics card for notebooks GPU to get a PC. With additional development it could begin To stress Intel’s competitions at least at the laptop arena When coupled with the possibility of Xe incorporated graphics with Intel’s Tiger Lake mobile chips .

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