A New TikTok Clone App Hit The Top Store By Paying Users To Watch Videos

Zynn is a rivalry over video programs in China’s expansion. Zynn’s founder, Kuaishou, is a well-funded startup which runs among the biggest video programs in the country. The app is next the Chinese version of TikTok, to Douyin Kuaishou used the method of paying audiences to grow in China. Money is finally made by the business by selling ads, provided that it brings in more cash than it pays out.

Zynn seems to have grown to get a few Information to Zynn. There is no Choice to create an account directly Video the first time it is opened by you. If You Would like to earn rewards, however, Zynn is a TikTok clone. The interface is You have to link a PayPal account as well, to cash out your rewards. The sign-up process, but it allows you to proceed if you decline. The program launches you straight to viewing a TikTok Includes a new competitor: Zynn In December that the investment was meant to assist Tencent”include the threat of ByteDance,” which makes TikTok and Douyin. The expansion into the US of kuaishou looks like an extension of the goal, with the company utilizing the same strategy to take on Bytedance and find an area in the market.

Button-for-button clone of TikTok that differentiates itself with a single turn — it pays users to sign up, see videos and persuade others to follow suit. The program launched at the beginning of May, and currently the number one free program in Apple’s App Store and in the top 10 on Google’s Play Store, also.

You need to register. And to register, you Must hand over some personal Zynn currently understands, although result from the program asking for access to my contacts , and identical are oriented around viewing brief videos that are portrait-orientation.

The distinction is that a countdown timer with a dollar sign. As you watch movies, the timer gives you points, which you are supposed to have the ability to redeem as cash or gift cards and fills up. I haven’t tested to see if this works, but a couple people have submitted YouTube movies showing payment receipts.

Despite what it seems, the program did not just come from nowhere. As The Info reported yesterday, My (fake) phone number. The app during Would not allow me to move once I declined to share my contact information. Or your telephone number. I tried to link my account, but Zynn Kuaishou recently obtained a $2 billion investment behind WeChat in Tencent, the technology giant.

The Info reported I wound up signing up with a burner Google Voice number. This didn’t — it has to be tied to another support: Google, Facebook, Twitter, reasons. There is the paying users to watch movies, obviously (I managed to get $0.12 by watching movies for what felt like a few moments ).

However, the app also has a referral scheme that pays users for getting other people to sign up and use the support themselves, which likely went a long way. A big banner in the app asserts $110 if you can get five people to register (with the fine print that the majority of the money only arrives if the people you refer continue to frequently use the app). The support also came back with videos, because the program can pull content. The Info reports that Zynn’s videos have been”largely” from Kuaishou at the moment.

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